Truth, Trust and Relating -- San Francisco, Thursday, September 13

Truth, Trust and Relating is an introduction to Radical Improv.  If you want to transform your relationships — and have fun doing it — then this is for you!

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."
— Plato 

In Radical Improv we use the tools and tricks of acting improvisation and Radical Honesty to create deep and meaningful connections with each other and with ourselves.

You'll come away with skills you can use with coworkers, partners, and friends to create more connection and intimacy in your life.

Radical Improv is not about performance or entertainment.  It's a context for the exploration of the truth that we co-create together.  If this sounds a bit risky — it is!  The reward is a sense of ease, spontaneity and playfulness in your relationships.

Where: The Center548 Fillmore, San Francisco (map)
When: Thursday, September 13, 7:30–10PM
Cost: $15

Please arrive a few minutes early and allow time for parking, as we will be starting promptly.

For more information, visit the Radical Improv website.

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