Portrait of Liam KirsherLiam Kirsher is a skilled group facilitator, trainer and coach, committed to the idea that organizational transformation is most effective when it is fun.

From an early age, Liam was fascinated by the power of language. His interest led him to the study of a variety of communication models and practices, including General Semantics, Gestalt Awareness Practice, hypnosis, Non-violent Communication and Radical Honesty.

In 1987, Liam began studying acting, later joining Rob Reece Actor's Studio in San Francisco. Improvisation, with its emphasis on spontaneity, creativity and emotional expression, became his focus, and he went on to learn from a variety of teachers, including Keith Johnstone, a pioneer in the field.

In 1993, Liam founded Numenet, Inc., a successful Internet consulting and services business. His leadership and team-building skills produced ongoing productive relationships with a wide variety of businesses, as well as insights into group dynamics, motivation, and performance. The company continues to provide program management and development services, with an emphasis on mobile and geospatial applications.

In 2009, Liam began bridging his twin passions for creativity and communication with Radical Improv, a company that produces workshops tailored to groups wanting to improve performance and transform conflict into creativity. Employing a mix of improvisational games and awareness exercises, Radical Improv makes change exciting, playful, and profound.

Liam's other interests include skiing, surfing, dancing, and martial arts. He has recorded and performed his own musical compositions. He loves to travel, and to improve his fluency in French and Spanish. Liam is a member of the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN), an affiliation of professionals using improvisation to facilitate organizational change.

What People Are Saying

    "I got to be very vulnerable about my truth – I got to step out of lies to self and lies to others in order to act authentically."

    — Workshop participant

    "Liam uses the tools of Radical Honesty and the playfulness of improv to challenge participants to move beyond their comfort zones and open themselves to a new level of experience."

    — Workshop participant

    "Radical Improv – improv that can change your life through radical truth telling, curiosity, and the opportunity to express the range of human emotion and experience."

    -- Workshop participant

     “ Discussion and acting exercises created a safe container for my attempts at self expression. I felt vulnerable at times, but the group held a safe boundary for me to go deeper inside. Liam’s gentle guidance and integrity helped me navigate the confusing waters of my own self. He is a gifted facilitator who urges participants into scary and intense situations while maintaining compassion and appreciation for their experiences. ”

    — KN, Mountain View, CA

    “ Radical Improv is a provocative and endlessly inventive way of accessing personal truth and learning responsible communication in a spirit of honesty, respect and play. ”

    — GH, Richmond, CA


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